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Help prep some pep in your pets’ step.

PreforPro, when paired with a probiotic like Deerland’s DE111, provides pets with the beneficial nutrients needed to boost their defenses against bacteria and pathogens. When added as a topper to dry food or as a daily treat supplement, PreforPro helps provide the benefits of prebiotics for dogs or cats so your furry friend stays healthy and energetic even into their later years.

Make PreforPro your pet’s preferred prebiotic for digestive and immune support.

Pet Nutrition Applications and Formats

Supplement Chews
Tablets and Capsules
Cold Extrusion Treats
Treat Chews

As Probiotic & Enzyme people, Deerland often works alongside our customers for custom formulation needs. We work to understand your customer, your need, your formula, and your operation. And we work together to create a solution that works for you. Whether you’re looking to create dog supplements or treats with prebiotics, or cat supplements or treats with prebiotics, Deerland can help.

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