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Probiotics and probiotic-enriched foods are becoming more popular than ever as consumers discover their digestive and immune boosting benefits. But how do we ensure they work as best as they can? We pair them with PreforPro prebiotic. PreforPro prebiotics in food and beverages help their probiotic partners have plenty of room to flourish in your digestive system.

PreforPro is a wonderful addition to probiotic rich foods to super charge your immune system and digestive health.

In foods and beverages,
PreforPro supports

Immune Function

A patent-pending prebiotic, PreforPro works in both the small and large intestines to support the growth of beneficial bacteria. It utilizes a unique mechanism of action to give probiotics more punch, and does so with a smaller dose than other prebiotics, making PreforPro is an easy addition to many cold-processed foods.

How might PreforPro benefit your food or beverage formulation?

Let’s talk about how PreforPro can work for you.